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Yukon™ ~11 ft. × 13 ft. Skylight™ Garage Shed in Grey | Palram-Canopia


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Palram-Canopia Yukon™ Garage - Large Shed with Aluminum Frame, Grey Wall Panels, and a SkyLight™ Roof

Ultimate performance, endless usability

The Yukon Garage Shed provides versatile usability and ultimate performance. This ultra-tough utility shed is extremely durable and is designed to efficiently store, organize, and protect all kinds of gear and equipment including a vehicle. The Palram-Canopia Yukon Garage Shed is built to last, thanks to its sturdy, anti-rust aluminum frame and its high-impact polycarbonate walls. The Yukon Garage Shed provides years of maintenance-free, high quality protection. It is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Its unique roof panels appear opaque from the outside, yet allow 10% light transmission, shedding natural light inside the shed. Designed with especially large front doors, the Yukon Garage Shed can accommodate the parking of a vehicle.

Modular System Modular System The Yukon™ Garage Storage Shed is made of a Modular Design. It will arrive in modules, and is assembled into one unit. 
Extra Wide Double Doors

Extra Wide Double Doors

  • Extra-wide double door opening (95.3 in.) provides enough room to park small vehicles and makes it easy to store equipment

Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate Panels

  • Extreme weather resistant construction grade panels
  • 100% UV protected fortified polycarbonate panels
  • High impact resistant, even when exposed to high and low temperatures
  • Commercial-grade polycarbonate panels maintain their integrity – do not fracture, sag, bow,  discolour, or become brittle  over time
  • Panels resist fungal decay and termites
  • Maintenance free
Yukon Gutter

Aluminum Frame & Gutter System

  • Strong, rust-free aluminum structure provides added stability, durability, and resistance to the elements
  • Built-in gutters for collection and dispersion of rain and melted snow

Integrated Ventilation

  • Ventilation is incorporated into the structure to allow adequate airflow, help prevent excessive moisture and keep your area mold, rust, and rot-free

Sunlit Skylight Roof

  • Polycarbonate skylight roof panels transmit soft natural sunlight inside the shed throughout the day while maintaining an opaque exterior for privacy
  • Roof panels block up to 100% of harmful UV rays to protect your gear from sun damage
lockable yukon storage shed image

Lockable door

  • Internal and external lock for added privacy and security
Easy Access

Easy Access 

  • Low threshold ramp and double doors allow for easy access
Yukon Structure

Galvanized Steel Base

  • Includes galvanized steel perimeter base for additional stability and durability
Built-In Anchoring System

Built-In Anchoring System

  • Secure your shed to the ground with the built-in anchoring kit to make the most of your sturdy structure, increase its stability, and improve its weather resistance
  • Can be anchored to most solid surfaces, such as wood, concrete, or metal
    foundation required, not included
    screws and plugs, not included

Yukon™ – Palram Garage Shed With Large Space Storage, Door-Opening For Vehicle Parking

A perfect storage solution for your home and backyard

  • Robust, highly resistant, sun-lighted utility shed, designed for multi-functionality and years of superior protection
  • Extra-wide double door opening 95.3" (242cm) to allow the parking of vehicle, watercrafts, and easy equipment storage
  • 100% UV protected, high impact polycarbonate walls, developed to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Fortified panels maintain their integrity, resist humidity, fungal decay, and termites
  • Panels do not sag, become brittle or discolour over time
  • Ultra-resilient shingle-like polycarbonate roof, transmits soft natural light in, while maintaining opacity outside for optimum privacy
  • Strong, rust-free aluminum structure provides added stability and resistance to the elements
  • Includes 2 built-in screened vents, galvanized steel perimeter and built-in gutters
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • Easy DIY installation with sliding panels assembly system
  • Can be anchored onto solid surfaces, such as wood, concrete or metal. Foundation required (not included)

Yukon 11x13

Palram-Canopia 11ft x 13ft Yukon Garage Skylight Storage Shed

  • WIND RESISTANCE  – 100km/hr | 62ml/hr
  • SNOW LOAD – 75kg/m² | 15lbs/ft²
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The Yukon™ ~11 ft. × 13 ft. Skylight™ Garage Shed in Grey | Palram-Canopia was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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