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What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonates are a particular group of thermoplastic polymers. Their superior features compare to other polymers (temperature resistance, impact resistance and optical properties) position them between commodity plastics and engineering plastics.

What makes a polycarbonate greenhouse better than glass?

Polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable. It is a big plus concerning their longevity as also their safety, especially important when younger children or the elderly are involved.
The light weight of the panels – less than 1kg – is another advantage that affect the convenient of assembly or even re-location option (assembled 6’x8′ greenhouse is less than 45kg).
In addition the Polycarbonate panels protect everything inside the greenhouse from the harmful UV rays, either it is shelving, pots, tools or your skin.


How to choose a carport site?

Before installation, think and plan the car’s route inside the carport and outside.
Sign on the ground the poles location and make sure the cars can enter the carport safely. This is very important when the entryway is bended not straight a head.
Think also about your route from the car to your house and back.
Make sure there is enough space for the carport itself. Walls, fences or trees might be obstacles. Trees or balconies might be an obstacle for the carport’s ridge.
If needed, it is very easy to install the carport in one place and then moving it before anchoring to the final location. However, it will require more than 2 people.

Can I assemble a carport by myself?

Yes, They can be assembled by 2 people without any special tools, skills or experience.
Palram’s carports were designed specifically for DIY assembly.
A carport can be assembled by 2 people within 5-7 hours.

Is it possible to enlarge the carports?

No, The current products are not extendable.

Are there gutters in the carport?

Yes. Gutters from both sides are included. Each one of them includes hose connector for water collection option.

Can the frame rust?

No. Most of it is Aluminum which is rust resistant. The steel parts like the base are galvanized.

What kind of carports does Palram offer?

Palram’s carports offer unique elegant visual appeal. They are strong, stable and durable and still can be assembled easily by 2 people without any special tools, skills or experience.
Palram’s carports are all glazed with Polycarbonate panels while the structure is made of rust resistant Aluminum profiles and the connectors are made of galvanized steel. Aluminum and Steel parts are also powder coated.

Are Palram’s carports easy to assemble?

People – Only 2 people are needed to assemble the entire carport. A third person will be helpful in a few steps, but the carport and its assembly were planned for 2 people.

No skills or experience – The installation process is smart and simple so anyone can understand it and assemble it. Clear step-by-step illustrated assembly instructions which are part of the kit are doing it even easier.

No special tools – One ladder (in most carports 2 are required), screwdrivers, hammer, driller, and standard wrenches – that is all.

All included, ready to assemble – No need to cut, drill or saw. All parts and screws included and signed for easy recognition.

Sliding panels system – Palram’s carport has a smart sliding system for the panels. This system is friendly and allows installation from the lower panel’s edge, so there is no need to climb above the roof – fast, safe & easy.

No Foundation fixing is needed – Palram’s carports require solid surface only.

The anchoring kit is included, so the carport can be installed immediately to an existing concrete floor. No need to pour concrete on the poles. This also allows easy relocation of the carport.

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Why should I purchase a Polycarbonate covering?

Polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable. In addition, unlike other materials, they does not affected from the temperature outside. Its service temperatures are -50°C to 120°C (-45°F to 248°F). Therefore, a polycarbonate covering supplies a durable protection in any weather condition. Palram’s polycarbonate panels are neutral to weather hazardous: snow, hail, ice, rain, sun or UV rays, the panel will not lose their tint, strength, or other characters for many years to go.
The light weight of the panels is another advantage that affects the convenient of assembly or even re-location option.
In addition the Polycarbonate panels protect the car or anything else below the cover from the harmful UV rays.

How long will a polycarbonate carport last?

Palram is using Polycarbonate which is UV protected therefore there is no yellowness, turbidity or disintegration for at least 10 years.