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Gazebo Competitive Advantages

Palrams Gazebo Competitive Advantages
Palram Gazebos Competitive Advantages

Gazebo Competitive Advantages

Certainly the Most Durable Gazebos

Major Criteria for Gazebo Purchase Common Polycarbonate Gazebos PALRAM Polycarbonate Gazebos PALRAM Gazebo Benefits 
Warranty None 10 Years Warranty Wide scope warranty + local Customer Service
Height of Entry Beam 190-195 cm 210 cm 15-20 cm extra height for convenient access, higher stability
Posts Dimension 6 x 6 cm 14.5 x 9 cm Higher stability and massive look
Posts Aluminum Thickness 1 mm 1.4 mm 40% more aluminum >> higher robustness
Bolts Protective Covers No Yes Protects bolts from rust and corrosion
Welded Parts (cause of corrosion) Very common No Prevents gazebo decay
Segmented Glazing (cause of leaks) Yes No Prevents rain penetrating the gazebo
Shade Level 50% 85% 100% protection from harmful sunrays (UV)
Heat Transfer Inside Gazebo High Low Allows endless leisure time into gazebo
Resistance to Snow Load No certified data 120 kg/m² Independent testing
Resistance to Wind No certified data 90 km/hr Independent testing
Gutters Generally none Yes Allows clean water drainage/collection
Concrete Anchors 8 16 Wind-resistant anchoring (all hardware included)
Closable Curtains (Zippers) Generally none Yes Allows curtain stability despite winds
Test Bild Top Garden Brand 2020

"TESTBild" - Quality Accreditation